A Home with Pool – Elements & Maintenance to Take Into Consideration

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August 21st, 2021

There are some critical elements to consider when you settle on a home with a pool and it’s not always glamorous. Yes, you will enjoy many fun times and it’s a very rewarding amenities to have, but there is a maintenance side that has to be strictly adhered to. Here you will learn about what to do after you buy a house with a pool to maximize the benefits and keep you safe.

Continually adjust the alkalinity
Adjusting the PH of your pool is incredibly important or you will risk long-term damage that will be costly and inconvenient. Having a pool can quickly turn into a difficult situation if you aren’t regularly maintaining it and adjusting the alkalinity is a regular job when your pool is active. Here you will find out what you need to know to control the alkalinity of your pool and it will benefit you tremendously. The first thing you need to understand is that a pool needs to remain at around 100-140 ppm at all times. Anything outside that realm needs to be adjusted immediately and consistency is key or you will suffer the consequences of PH imbalances. You need to effectively find the true total alkalinity first and then go from there. Some adjustments are necessary to ensure an accurate reading. From there, you want to either decrease or increase the PH levels. To raise the alkalinity in any pool the sodium bicarb method is a reliable option. If you wish to lower it then muriatic acid is the most common chemical to utilize but there are many other market options to consider. It’s important to adjust this according to the desired range to encourage a healthy water balance and maximize pool performance.

Throw a pool party
It’s obvious that you put forth all the hard work to keep your pool functioning well so you can actually use it. However, doing this alone is not always the most you can get out of it. Share your beautiful pool with others and it will be an exceedingly rewarding experience to forge new memories and have a great time together. There are certain important pool factors to consider before you purchase a home with a pool, but even if you already made the purchase you can still benefit from this information. It’s a challenging job at times to get your pool ready for summer usage, but it’s very rewarding and worth some of the variables that go along with it. Throwing a pool party is almost like a reward for up-keeping your pool properly and taking the necessary measures to ensure that it’s safe and viable for swimming. There are many unique themes you can choose from and the addition of a pool in your backyard opens the door to many creative possibilities.

Protect your pool from the elements
It’s crucial you always take into consideration the integrity of your pool and always use protective equipment to keep it safe from the winter months. There are certain damages you can’t prevent entirely and these are important to look out for to get the necessary repairs. The tiles might start to crack and lose their integrity over time and this is nothing to worry about because it can be easily addressed with a comprehensive repair. There are certain pool coatings that you can get to make the texture more friendly for the sensitive skin on the feet and it also serves as weather protection. Many elements will seek to disrupt your pool and the pump/filter won’t last forever. There are definitely some expenditures to consider after you purchase a house with a pool, but it’s definitely worth it if you love them!

Have fun with your pool but keep up with maintenance!
Now that you have purchased a pool home you’re very distinct from the rest of the crowd and are now the life of the party! However, it’s important to keep in mind all the intricate details when conducting pool maintenance. Never lose track of the ph and always use the right equipment to ensure a safe and fruitful experience. Pools are great, but they take a lot of hard work to maintain!

You Bought A House With A Pool. Now What? by Tracie Johnson

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