Decluttering Process Before “Marie Kondo” Your House

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September 27th, 2021

Marie Kondo your house.” If you’re not familiar with this term, it’s a popular trend in the organization world. It has people going through their homes and getting rid of anything they don’t need or love. Get your home clutter-free. The first thing on the list is getting rid of anything that doesn’t “spark joy.” So if it makes you feel icky or sad when looking at it, get rid of it! Next is going through all your clothes and picking out anything that doesn’t fit or flatters your body type. Finally, find every single charger in the house and put them in one place, so they’re easy to find when you need them. Doing these three things before decluttering will make the process easier and keep your home more organized. But before you do that, you will need these three things :

Trash Bags
A box of a trash bag so that when you have finished going through everything in your home and throwing away what doesn’t spark joy, there will be somewhere for all those items to go until they are thrown away. It is not recommended to throw anything directly on the floor, as this may attract bugs. This could lead to an infestation if left untreated. Trash bags can also come in handy while traveling with luggage if something pops open unexpectedly and needs a quick fix. The more durable ones work best, but any size will do in a bind.

Paper Shredder
A paper shredder so that you can go through all your tax records, credit card statements, and other sensitive documents to ensure they are disposed of. You don’t want these items falling into the wrong hands because it could lead to financial hardship for yourself or family members if someone gets their hands on personal information like this. They’re also helpful when dealing with old bank account numbers, which may be outdated but still contain residual funds. No one will ever know how much money was once held within those accounts by eradicating them. Paper shredders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices. The price for one may determine the quality, so it’s always best to look over reviews before purchasing something that will probably become obsolete or inoperable quickly.

Storage Boxes
Storage boxes are perfect for organizing and storing your clothes. You’ll need these for clothes and shoes. Get as many as it makes sense, given how much room you have open. It may take some trial and error to figure out what can fit where, but once again, think about what works best with your home without taking up too much space.
Also, have a small box on hand in case something is especially sentimental, and you can’t get rid of it right away. This is important when you’re going through your children’s things, which I know many parents struggle with the most. You’ll notice that Marie Kondo recommends not decluttering for a year or two after having kids. But set up their rooms to avoid any upheaval if they want to keep something special from before they were born.

Dumpster Bin
Every item in our homes must have a designated purpose, or they should be put away immediately. This means no more junk drawers, closets, garages, storage spaces filled with random things like half-used pens and batteries for remotes, paperwork, and other stuff you don’t need anymore. If this sounds familiar, then getting a dumpster bin rental in Hamilton with Clean Er Up is the solution. Renting a dumpster bin will allow you to properly throw things away that you do not need. While going through all your stuff you’ll find that there’s a lot of stuff that can be thrown away. Getting a dumpster bin will help you be more prepared for your decluttering process. This will also help you have one consolidated area to put the stuff that needs to be thrown away. Then you can sort through everything and return it to its rightful home.

Self Care
Also, don’t forget about yourself during this process, either. Whether that means having someone bring over some food or even grabbing an ice glass of cold water before starting up again, remember that taking care of yourself is as important as anything else you might have going on throughout the week. Why? Because, without proper self-care, you won’t be able to accomplish anything in this world.

Going through items and deciding to keep or discard them is a process that can create quite a mess, so it’s best to have all things for discarding trash. Make sure you’re prepared by having these three things before you get started on your “Marie Kondo” journey!

4 Things To Get Before You “Marie Kondo” Your House by Sierra Powell

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