The Hottest Home Décor & Feature Trends in 2023 Thus Far

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September 25th, 2023

Interior design trends in 2023 have evolved based on how homeowners want to feel in their homes. It’s all about health and wellness, embracing the opportunity for self-expression with décor choices and celebrating the convenience that comes with better functionality.

With these influences in mind, here are some of the hottest home décor trends in 2023 thus far.

Biophilic design

While biophilic design has been trending for some time, it really cemented its prominence in 2023. Broadly, elements of biophilic design incorporate and mimic patterns, colors and materials that occur in nature and replicate the experience inside a home.

“Biophilic design speaks to the desire to reconnect with nature and embrace a more conscious connection to our surroundings. For many, biophilic design can also foster a sense of connectivity to our world and natural systems, helping to counteract feelings of isolation,” says WELL and LEED accredited interior designer Sarah Barnard.

“Shapes such as spirals and hexagons repeatedly appear in nature alongside more fractal or linear patterns. Finding shapes or systems that recall a soothing natural experience can be a great way to incorporate patterning into the home space,” says Barnard.

Think water features, indoor plants, artwork that features feathers or shells and honeycomb-shaped tiles.

The focus should be multi-sensory and visually varied, to replicate the outdoors authentically.

Creating an outdoor oasis

Post-pandemic, Backyard Bay is still a vacation destination of choice, so decks, patios and firepits are in demand. Homeowners are also using a functional approach to increase usability with outdoor features. This includes creating shelter over outdoor fireplaces and living/dining rooms.

“Homeowners love the additional protected covered space for entertaining, even when Mother Nature isn’t complying,” says Brian McGinniss, area manager, Drees Homes.

Sustainable home features

Homeowners are seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint at home, so sustainable features are popular.

Sustainable home décor choices are often confused with biophilic design. While both are connected to the planet, sustainable home décor, design and features are more aligned with eco-conscious choices that reduce homeowner footprint, rather than replicating nature.

High-efficiency appliances, water-wise plumbing fixtures, and features that contribute to an air-tight envelope, such as upgraded windows, doors and insulation are all effective ways that homeowners can reduce their footprint.

Solar panels and other alternative energy sources are also gaining momentum.

Focus on adjacent spaces

Homeowners are also looking for adjacent spaces to main living areas that enhance functionality in floorplans.

“We are seeing tons of butler pantries that act as a second kitchen, complete with a second sink and fridge. These add storage and function to the heart of the home,” says Ashley Sicher, lead senior designer at Interior Concepts.

Adjacent spaces are also being used to fuse indoor/outdoor living areas. Particularly popular are living rooms with sliding glass doors, retractable walls, screened porches and morning rooms.

“Morning rooms are adjacent to the kitchen/family room and lead out to a deck. Homeowners love them because they offer extra space in the heart of the home that can be used in several ways, such as a casual eating area, quiet reading area, or flexible remote work or homework space,” says Melissa Brown, DC PRO, design studio manager, Atlantic Builders.

Luxe laundry rooms

Inherently functional by nature, laundry rooms are getting a makeover in 2023. Homeowners are embracing the laundry room as an out-of-the way place to experiment with bold flooring, backsplash and colors, without having to commit to the entire home.

Higher-end cabinetry and garment racks for ample storage, natural stone counters and built-in workstations that are stylish spots for folding are also popular.

For homeowners who have the space and have a laundry room located on the main floor near an entry door, creating a mudroom/laundry room combo is ideal, with built-in cubbies and hooks to contain clutter and mess.

The return to maximalism

While the understated elegance of minimalist style is timeless and practical, homeowners are boldly doing an about-face by embracing maximalism.

While minimalism encourages restraint, maximalism hinges on self-expression, countering the concept that less is more. The overall vibe leans into dramatic décor, often layering several different colors, textures and shapes.

Bold, jewel-toned colors are trending, as are eye-popping wall coverings and fabrics. Florals are prominent on wallcoverings, providing a cool backdrop for an accent wall.

The danger with maximalist design is that it can appear visually cluttered, so it is best to choose a few key focal points that complement each other.

Soft curves

In terms of shapes, soft curves are in, just about everywhere in the home, from accent patterns to physical design (curved doorways and walls) to furniture.

“From archways to curved sofas, we are seeing a softer silhouette throughout the home. This curved nature pairs well with the neutral and pastel color palettes we are seeing,” says Sicher.

Alicia Malinowski, buyer and senior interior designer with Model Home Interiors, concurs and is seeing lots of curved furniture, particularly chairs that swivel. “Every vendor has showcased them this past spring,” she says.

Color in the kitchen

For years, all-white kitchens have been the top choice for homeowners, but color in the kitchen is making a bold comeback, especially with cabinetry.

Blue tones, including navy, as well as lighter blues are popular, as are various shades of green. Also trending are wood tones and wood stains, for a more authentic, earthy look.

A popular kitchen trend is to have two-toned cabinetry, usually with an accent color on the kitchen island and/or on the lower base cabinetry. This is a good way for homeowners to gauge their comfort level with rich color before they commit all their kitchen real estate.

Mixing metals

Mixing metals with hardware and accents adds rich dimension to a room and is particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms.

For homeowners looking to mix-and-match, the recommendation is to start with black hardware.

“Black hardware is the new neutral metal allowing you to mix in other types of metals. This look allows you to create a custom look specific to your tastes. It also allows you to add depth, character and texture to your décor,” says Suzanne Leopold, design center consultant, Drees Homes.

For example, “Have gold fixtures for your sink, but black hardware on your vanity cabinets in a bathroom,” says Leopold.

The Hottest Home Decor Trends So Far in 2023 by Heather Wright | Livabl

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